• Are you Talented Visionary Muslim Woman planning to Start your Business?
  • Are You Muslima Solopreneur doing everything alone, feeling Stuck in Managing Business & Responsibilities?
  • Have you already started your Business but Juggling to Survive than Thrive?

Empower the Muslim Woman Entrepreneur within You!

Muslim Women Coach is Socially Conscious Company initiated by Karima Bihaki & Shereen Pasha with a vision to “Shape Entrepreneurial Growth of Muslim Women”. We help Muslim Women, just like you, to Start & Grow Businesses with Muslim Women Business Coaching Services.

We work with Muslim Women around the globe to create Business Models around their Passions, Dreams and Lifestyle. We can help you achieve work life balance while making more Money.

How we can Help?

Confident and beautiful european  Muslim woman

We are here to help you with :

  • Discovering Your hidden Talents & Strengths
  • Mapping Your Strengths and Abilities towards a Profitable Business Idea.
  • Market Research & Analysis for your Business Idea.
  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Islamic Personal Branding
  • Business Websites
  • Business Web Solutions
  • Choosing right Domain & Web Hosting.
  • Website Maintenance & Technical Support Services
  • Business Copywriting & Sales Landing Pages Design
  • List Building & Product Launch Campaigns.
  • Web Analytics & PPC Campaigns.
  • Improving Your Business Operations to achieve work-life Balance
  • Improving Your Current Product/Services.
  • Help you sell your Products/Services effectively online/offline.
  • Social Media  & PR  Strategy to Engage Ideal clients
  • Email & Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging & Ecommerce Websites
  • Personalized Business Coaching

Let us help you get UnStuck and Elevate Your Business & Life to a Whole New Level !

Client in Spotlight

Bouchra Daoudi

Bouchra is a fashion designer for Moroccan Kaftans, she started her Fashion in London and Morocco. She gives regular shows on events such as Miss Arabia. She has a strong passion for Moroccan beauty and that comes back in her design. Her fashion -led design appeals to its core audience – women.

The Challenge

Client’s Challenge was Branding and Online Marketing. Though client’s main focus was giving professional fashion shows offline with her exclusive kaftans . But the time had arrived when she had to take herself and her Business online.

The Solution

We worked with client to Build her powerful brand to achieve more success online and offline.

The main focus was

Discover her brand: Figuring out what she wants to do for the rest of her life, Setting Business Goals, Crafting her Mission & Personal Brand Statement and creating a Development Plan.

Create her brand: Once she knows what she wants to do and have claimed a niche, it’s time to Visualize it.

Personal Branded Website: Her own website that speaks her vision and spotlights her business.

Portfolio: Showcase the work she has done in the past and present