We follow a structured process to ensure that all of our projects are delivered to our clients specifications and schedules. Our Business and Marketing Solutions are designed to meet your goals to become or grow as an entrepreneur. Below is an overview of the 4 key stages involved in our Business Model.

Stage 1: Brief & Assessment

During this stage one of our business coaches will schedule a  call with you by phone/skype or might meet with you in person offline to discuss your business goals. It involves a good understanding of what your business does, the target audience, your competitors and how we can help you to the next level. We try to find out your needs.

During this stage our team will work closely with you to create a project brief which will include a detailed overview of your project requirements and a questionnaire.

Based on your feedback; we will create a project proposal which will include a detailed outline of the project specification, associated cost, delivery time frames and our quality assurance services.  approved by you before work begins. Contact us for more information.

Stage 2: Research

In this phase we will do research around your niche and competitors,Design your Strategy and will offer you the business solution. This gives us both a good idea of what’s out there already, what works and what doesn’t and what direction your business should go in. Contact us for more information.

Stage 3: Development & Deployment

If you decide to proceed with our project proposition; our team will proceed with developing the solution for your business.

Throughout the business solution phase our team will work closely with you to ensure that it is designed to your expectations. You will have an ample opportunity during this phase to provide us with your feedback and we will only proceed to the next stage once you are happy with the service. 

Stage 4: Testing & Demos

During this phase, We will do demos and testings with you and will make improvements if you require so that you are completely satisfied with the finished solution. We make sure that you’re completely happy before we close the project.

Stage 5: Delivery

Delivery of the business solution/service upon your satisfaction. We will deliver the business solution/service, whether it’s a website, marketing event or social media strategy etc. In addition to delivering you the business solution we follow up with you and your business for 6 months, to make sure youl achieve your business goals in the long term.  Contact us for more information.