What is Muslim Women Coach ?

Muslim Women Coach is Socially Conscious company initiated with a vision to “Shape Entrepreneurial Growth of Muslim Women”. We are offering Business and Web Development Solutions plus Creating a Marketplace for Muslim Women Entrepreneurs. Read More here.

Why Muslim Women Coach?

Muslim Women Coach is founded by Muslim Women Entrepreneurs; Karima Bihaki and Shereen Pasha. We have gone through the ups and downs of starting and growing a business online & offline and we are here to help Muslim Women Entrepreneurs to start a profitable business while  maintain a healthy work -life  balance in their lives.

What is your expertise?

Founders of Muslim Women Coach have years of Experience in Business, Marketing and Online Web Solutions. Our expertise start from Business & Marketing plans to Website/ Product Launches, Social Media, Content Marketing, Coaching Business to E commerce Web Solutions and private  Business Consulting for your business needs.

Why you focus mainly on Muslim Women?

We believe that there is a shift taking place around the globe  and more and more women entrepreneurs are starting small businesses online. We felt that there is the need in Muslim Women Market to have Muslim Women Leaders who can help Muslim Women keep pace with the growing technology and new business models. We aim to help 1000 Muslim Women Entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses by 2020.

Do you work national or International?

We are helping women entrepreneurs internationally.

Why should I consider your services?

Our services are tailored to the needs of Muslim Women. We promote Islamic Branding and Interest Free Business Models. Charity is a fundamental part of our Business Strategy and we advice islamic values and business ethic via our Business Consulting.

We understand the needs of Muslim Mompreneurs and we encourage a healthy balance in the personal responsibilities of Muslim Women.

How long does it take to start an online business?

Starting an online business is not a magic pill, You have to go through several phases, while it also requires your personal growth. We are to help you reach from point A to Z in the shortest possible time.

What is involved in starting or growing a business?

We encourage you to do Market Research, Setup a Business Plan and Have some Budget ready for your business. Its not about putting your website online, You need to allocate certain amount of budget for marketing and other recurring expenses.

We can help you to choose best business model for you business and can help you with your Web Presence, Marketing and Personalized Business Coaching whenever you need.

How much does the service cost?

We do not have any fixed packages. We can offer you various solutions and you can choice out the best solution. even if you are not ready, You can get free business coaching session with us and we would be happy to help you.

What size of business do you work with?

We work with Small business , Solopreneurs and Social Enterprises.

Do you provide partnership programs for working with other agencies?

We are open for Joint Ventures. Please contact us for discussing any opportunity.

What Next?

We look forward to help up to 1000 Muslim Women Entrepreneurs by 2020.