Business Coaching session helped me to clarify some grey areas I wasn’t sure I was doing correctly. Gave me a clear path on what I need to do next in order to make this work.

I liked How much Shereen understood what I wanted to do, I felt like I was talking to myself 6 months ago, but after taking so many opinions over the last few months it has made my decisions un-clear. I think Shereen is able to relate to women quite well in their needs and their problems. You have told me all the things I thought made sense in the very beginning of this project but many people along the way have confused me and tried to get me to change the plan in order to increase income or out of fear that I will fail.

I got some very good advice and support and if this is the way your business is run then I know when I will need a marketing solution team I will want to come to Muslim Women Coach.

Sara Hussein; Founder & Managing Director at NORAK Ltd.

A huge thank you for the team that helped me to find myself and improve my decision making and life in general. I was going the wrong direction in personal and sex life. After personal session I started to dig deeper in to myself and even started writing for live sex experiences blog about interesting situations we might face in todays digital world.

Fatima Dorukan, Writer/Sex Blogger and Journalist.

Thank You for helping me with my Branding and Responsive Website Development. I am happy for your fast support and quick Implementation of the project.

I recommend Muslim Women Coach to Women who are looking for Branding and Professional Business Services

Bouchra Daoudi, Founder of Bouchra Couture.

“The best thing I like about the session is that I have been able to discuss my business plan with someone who has experience and knowledge. The session was free of cost but it was still being conducted with professionalism. I was given ample time to discuss the challenges I am facing and Karima provided me with expert, practical and to the point solutions. I learnt to focus on details and make small targets to improve the planning part.I would recommend this session to not only Muslim Business Women but to everyone.” – Alia Amir, Sweden

“Special thanks to Muslim Women Coach for the excellent business advice.” – Kokab Rahman, Founder of  Redaya Business Services