We’re here to make a Difference in the lives of Muslim Women Globally

One of the core reason why Muslim Women Coach is started because we want to empower Muslim Women around the World. That’s why social consciousness is an integral part of our business model.

Every time you choose the services of Muslim Women Coach, we make a donation of Five-percentage to a non-profit project. You’re not only helping yourself and your business, but you’re also helping other Muslim Women, Girls and  Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas of Developing countries.

“Your Ahalam” Project:

“Whoever saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind” Qur’an 5:32

We are working on our first Non Profit initiative “Your Ahalam” – which will provide resources to many Poor Muslim Women in Rural Areas of Developing Countries to reach their life Dreams.

Umm Khadija’s Ahalam to Initiate a Small Dairy Farm

Umm Khadija is a courageous single mum who is leading the responsibility for a daughter and an old mother. She lives in a farm in Morocco. its hard for her to make both ends meet.There are not much social benefits in Morocco so she has to strive every day how she can feed her family and meet the living expenses.

Her Wish… She has a wish to invest in a small dairy farm and buy a cow. With the small dairy farm she will be able to sell the milk and make a sustainable living for her family. She envisions to give good education to her daughter.