Shereen Pasha

Growth Minded, Creative, Idea Person with sheer passion in Personal Development & Women Empowerment, Shereen Pasha is the CEO & Co Founder of Muslim Women Coach. She is a Multi-Passionate Webpreneur, Digital Branding & Marketing Architect & Online Business Coach. 

Shereen was ambitious since childhood as being the eldest of 5 Sisters and no Brother. She had the burning desire to become a Proud Daughter of her Parents, Achieve excellence in her Career and Make a positive difference in the World. She always had highest standards for herself and for others around her.. She focuses on her Bigger Visions and always strives for the next level..

“Serving my Parents in the best means, has always been a driving force in my life.” – Shereen

She Studied Computer Science and Got distinction in MSc Computer Science. She started her career as Professional Web Programmer in 2008 and over the years she got extensive experience in Digital Branding, Marketing and Web based Software Development. Prior starting her own businesses, Shereen has worked in several Companies including Ekwa Marketing, Productive Muslim, CVVID,  Web Development Easy &  Affordable Programmers.

At the age of 29, Shereen is a young Entrepreneur with diverse experience in her field. She is currently self employed in UK running her Digital Marketing and Web Development Business. With over 6 years of experience in Software Development, Digital Branding & Online Marketing her clients include Small to Large Enterprises, Small Business Owners, Women Entrepreneurs, Solo-Professionals, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants and Corporate Clients Worldwide.

She envisions to empower, motivate and inspire other Women Epreneurs globally. She interviews successful women entrepreneurs at She look forward to work with organizations promoting entrepreneurship for Women and striving to alleviate hunger and Poverty Worldwide.

“By believing in yourself, You are believing in the gifts of God” – Shereen

Maintaining a positive spiritual mindset is her key to Success. Shereen believes that Consistent Growth and Perseverance are the only ingredients of Success as mentioned in the Beautiful Verse of the Holy Quran, Chapter 53 Surah Najm verse 39:

” Laisa lil insana illa ma sa’a” “There is Nothing for Man Except What He Strives For.”

Co-founder Muslim Women Coach & Muslim Women Market.

Bsc Computer Science, MCS(Masters in Computer Science)

Digital Branding & Marketing Consultant | Online Business Coach

Branding, Digital Marketing, Online Presence, Business Consulting, SEO, Content & Social Media Marketing