Identify the Muslim Woman Entrepreneur within You!

You are a Muslim Woman with entrepreneurial skills, you’re smart, you’re super-motivated, your strong, you’ve got a lot to offer and want to multiply your income. You have great ideas and when you’re passionate about your idea, it shines in your eyes and can be heard in your voice as you enthusiastically tell people about it.

Beside this, Your business should be realistic, in line with your Islamic values and should not be a barrier to your other Roles in your daily life..You are a mother, daughter, breadwinner, wife, boss and slave of Allah.

A clear indication of a balance in your roles would be a situation where you are a good business women, a great mom and a lovely wife. A clear indication of an imbalance in your roles would be a situation when you are a good business women but an imperfect mother or a wife.

For you, to start making money is only acceptable when your investment and profit is halal. Earning more money is not only that matters, But doing the things you love to do and helping others is equally important as well.